The power of presence and connections

The power of presence and connections

podcast Sep 20, 2022

I’ve got something a little fun and different for you today - a two way conversation with a true multidisciplinary visionary, Hannah Nieves. We share our learnings from Necker Island and the power of presence and connections.


Hannah Nieves is the founder of Hannah Nieves Consulting, a full service consulting agency; HN Haus, a network and education platform for multi-passionate women; and This Hudson Studio, a multifunctional creative studio in the Hudson Valley. With three brands under her wing, Hannah knows the complexities of running multiple brands and has a passion for serving multidisciplinary founders.


In this episode, Hannah and I reflect on our time together at Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island, which is something I had on my vision board for such a long time. We both came away with some incredible learnings, in particular the power of being present and creating deeper connections through authenticity. It was an amazing experience to gather with people we’d never met before and build such deep connections. 


We talk about building a simplistic business and life, the importance of self care and how we both approach this in our own lives to maintain a sense of balance. Our time away on Necker Island taught us about being clear on our values, and owning the greater mission behind why you do what you do. 


I went to Necker Island at a time when I was really burnt out from a hectic couple of years of business. With no preconceived expectations, it surprised me how grounded I felt on the island and I’m so grateful for the connections I made with incredible people like Hannah. I hope you love this conversation and feel inspired as we reflect on the unique experience we shared together.



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