The Power of Investing in YOU with Nicola Wilkes

The Power of Investing in YOU

podcast Jun 28, 2022

My guest today is the remarkable Nicola Wilkes. Nicola is the founder of Seriously Stylish Business and is a business coach, mindset mentor, genuine influencer, inspirational coach and international keynote speaker. She brings twenty years of experience in the design industry and has a strong belief that business should not only look good but feel great.

In this episode, Nicola is here to share with us the amazing power of investing in YOU. I met Nicola on Necker Island at Sir Richard Branson’s retreat. I was immediately drawn to her creative style and passion for business.

Nicola made a commitment to herself years ago to travel to Necker Island and invest in pushing herself to the next level and finding incredible growth opportunities. She embarked on this journey for not only herself but to bring back all of the inspiration, motivation and teachings for her clients.

We explore how it feels to find the right coach, Nicola’s journey to combining creativity and design with business, and the biggest lessons from Necker Island that Nicola will use in the future.

This conversation is the motivational kick up the backside to grasp that opportunity you’ve been thinking about and make the leap to invest in yourself, your business and your growth.



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