It's time to up the ante on your next virtual.

Aug 20, 2021

Last week we powered the Online Global Speaker Showcase for Standing Ovations - one of the most respected and established Speakers Bureaus in Australia.

Every speaker and (almost) every audience member was at home under some form of lockdown and the show ROCKED!

You see, even when lockdown restrictions are in place across the country phenomenal things can still happen. Teams can unite virtually, speakers can present virtually, Zoom webinars can look fantastic virtually and an impact can be had virtually.

This showcase brought together some of best motivational and keynote speakers from across the globe - and is a real life example of what it’s like running a 100% virtual event with my team at Pyrmont Studio.

If you've got a virtual event on your horizon and you want it to pack a punch - I have 2 action steps for you:

 1. Meet The Speakers

 2. Download our Live Streaming Info Pack

Despite what’s happening in the world around us right now I truly believe that anything is possible when you have the right team and support around you.

Stay safe, stay optimistic and stay camera confident.
Rebecca x

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