How to be resilient when it’s hard...

entrepreneurship leadership Sep 10, 2021


The one trait we can probably all say we’ve had to dig deep and find in the past year and a half.

Some of us have had to find it again and again… and really, we’ll have to continue to find it over the span of our careers regardless. Building a business is not easy. 

I think the question that I’m hearing right now is ‘how do I find resilience when it’s hard?’ - It would seem that lately, there is little relief.

Resilience is about knowing how to reframe when things go in a different direction.

For many people, Covid has been a major setback and it continues to be a setback as businesses are pushed in and out of regular service to their customers and clients.

For us, it was very clear that we could help businesses transition into this new virtual space through video.

We acknowledged the frustration of hours and money poured into Pyrmont Studio that we now simply weren’t able to use as restrictions tightened.

But what DID we have?

What was available to us?

What was our strength?

Where did our skill sets lie?

These were all questions we asked ourselves in order to arrive at the answer - virtual video.

We realised that we knew the tech around cameras, scripting,  editing and creating videos... 

We understood that there was a new gap in the market.

Companies still needed to rally their employees, events couldn’t be put on hold forever and businesses still needed to communicate.

So instead of worrying and shutting down (because I absolutely could have made that decision too), we invested our energy into reframing and asking ourselves "how do we take everything we know and make it virtual?" 

That's when we began the necessary training to turn ourselves into the virtual professionals we are today; we became what our customers needed. 

I know that right now, many of you are tapping into your resilience with everything you have. You aren’t giving up. You’ve got that fighter spirit! 

And if that’s you, know that you have everything it takes to move forward and come out the other side. Maybe it looks different to the vision you cast 2 years ago. Maybe it looks different than anything you ever had in mind! 

I had dreamed of the business growing in this direction and in this capacity. My business looks very different now to the future I had envisioned many moons ago - but my goal of freedom and lifestyle is still at the core of it all. That hasn’t changed. Your ultimate goal doesn’t need to either.

Let me ask you - how can you reframe where you are right now?

Rebecca x

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