How to Avoid Digital Burnout with Dr Kristy Goodwin

How to Avoid Digital Burnout

podcast Apr 25, 2022

We are living in a world saturated with screens and a constant barrage of digital notifications. Many of us struggle to tame our tech habits so I’m talking today with the incredible Dr Kristy Goodwin on how to avoid digital burnout. 

Dr Kristy Goodwin is one of Australia's leading digital wellbeing and productivity experts. She is a renowned neuro-productivity speaker, author, and award winning researcher. Through a variety of resources, Dr Kristy shares practical brain-based hacks to tame tech habits and the latest evidence-based strategies to decode the neurobiology of peak performance in the technological era.

With the onslaught of digital distractions in the workplace and our personal lives, science reveals that the tech load is beginning to impact our health and wellbeing. In this episode, Dr Kristy shares some fantastic tips to put into your day to make your world more productive and less tech heavy. 

We talk about how a complete digital detox is unrealistic in our tech-reliant world and how Dr Kristy’s approach is to establish daily, weekly and monthly habits that align with your neurobiology and help you thrive in a digital world. 

Dr Kristy shares some practical strategies to help create digital parameters in your life, and how you can successfully bring your household along with you in the technical shift. 

This episode is filled with pragmatic, science based tips to help make the shift toward a more productive life and to avoid digital burnout. I know you’re going to get so much out of this insightful conversation. 


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