Wealth creation and overcoming camera fears for business success! with finance expert Melissa Browne


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My guest on today’s show is Melissa Browne - she is an ex-accountant, an ex-financial advisor and an ex-working till I drop businesswoman! She’s my kind of lady and had the privilege of talking to her about finance.

I know - we all hate talking about money, but it’s so important! As creatives, putting our creative and business minds in unison to build something that’s thriving, profitable and sustainable not only builds wealth for our future selves but it creates opportunities to be even more creative!

And if there’s anyone to help us, it’s Mel. Mel shares the story behind the impetus she had for selling her accounting business, and how she came to launch a business that helps women become financially empowered and financially well in both their finances and in their businesses.

Creatives often think of themselves as bad with money, but Mel encourages us to see how that is BS. Mel shares her observations that creatives are often incredible with money and business because they bring their innate creativity to cashflow, profit and finding innate solutions. She encourages us to break the money story that if you’re creative you’re not good with numbers.

We also talk to Mel about how she came out of her introverted shell to be her unique self in front of the camera to grow her business. Mel is now a video powerhouse, and she shares her tips around batching, and how she makes it an enjoyable and productive experience.

Mel also reiterates that is so important to get your business foundations right. If you’re relentless in getting the basics right, then you get the freedom to play and be super creative off that foundation.

I know you’re going to love this episode - dive in!


Topics discussed:

[1:35]: Welcome to Mel! We go a long way back to She Business days.

[2:04]: Mel is my go-to for understanding wealth creation for business owners and women in general. We deep dive into that today, as it’s very much overlooked for creatives.

[2:35]: Mel shares how she got into finance and business.

[4:08]: Mel decided that she would sell her business when she was 50, however recently realised that waiting for an arbitrary age made no sense.

[5:32]: Mel shares her tip that you want your business to always be at the point where you can sell it.

[7:14]: One of my biggest takeaways from Mel has been to spend a dollar, and put a dollar in investments.

[7:40]: Creatives often think they’re bad with numbers or money, but that’s BS - they bring their innate creativity to cashflow, profit and finding innate solutions. It’s important to break that money story that if you’re creative you’re not good with numbers.

[8:22]: It’s possible to be creative and incredibly strategic. But you have to understand the business side of business including the psychology of pricing, leads, and conversion rates. Creativity can be brought to those activities.

[9:18]: Nothing has to be perfect - it’s just about getting it done and working smarter, not harder.

[10:22]: Mel has pushed herself way out of her comfort zone, in order to create her Financial Adulting Plan course. Mel steps us through how she overcame her fear of being in front of a camera.

[11:28]: Mel shares how she worked out the best way to present in front of a camera and how a baptism through fire during COVID helped her feel a lot more comfortable.

[12:39]: Mel now batches her video work and shares how she makes it an enjoyable and productive experience.

[14:20]: Having experts on board has been a huge help for Mel being able to do videos from home, professionally.

[15:01]: Mel has been in the online course world for a long time, but has been able to take it to a new level recently. She shares how she was able to level up both her content, systems and earnings.

[16:00]: Getting the foundations right, being consistent and tweaking it to you, is applicable to both finances and how to grow a business and make it yours. It’s so exciting when you can get those basics right!

[16:29]: It’s about being relentless to make sure the basics are right so that you can play and be super creative, knowing you’re doing what needs to be done foundationally.

[17:10]: Mel shares where you can find her, and her free resources.



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