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Today we are exploring authenticity and I can think of no one better to join us to speak about this topic than Kat John. Kat is an authenticity coach, keynote speaker, podcast host and creator of the zerofks movement. For eight years she’s been working with people to powerfully manage the thoughts in their head so they can access their truth and focus on what really matters.


In this episode Kat shares her journey of how she transitioned from being totally tied up with thoughts that were detrimental to herself and her self worth into expressing her authentic self and not caring what others think.


Dance has played a huge role in Kat’s transformation and her zerofks movement. She explains her first experience with free dance and how transformative it is for her, and her community.


Stepping into your authentic self is often made more difficult because of pushback from those around us. Kat explains how she navigated this in her own journey and the ways she was able to hold space for herself.


We also discuss digital detoxes (including some powerful micro hacks to reclaim your time and life) and how stepping into authenticity is more about letting things go, than being more of something.


Kat is an absolute force. She provides a powerful and totally inspiring blueprint for how to stop getting caught up in thoughts, and how to step into your own, true self. You are going to love this conversation.


Topics discussed:

[00:41]: Kat John is an authenticity coach, a keynote speaker, podcast host and creator of the zero fucks movement.

[1:12]: Last time we were face-to-face we were hiking the Larapinta Trail.

[2:05]: Kat explains her zerofks movement, why it exists and what it’s not as well.

[3:08]: Kat explains how she used to get tied up in thoughts that were detrimental to herself and her self-worth.

[3:39]: Dance is a big part of Kat’s practice. She explains how this started with the free dance practice 5Rhythms

[4:45]: Things naturally changed in Kat’s life once she started expressing herself and not caring what other people thought.

[6:11]: Sharing a video of her free dance under #zftuesday

[7:05]: Showing up allowed other people to show up. We talk about zerofks moments.

[8:51]: Kat explains the shift from morphing herself into expressing her authentic self.

[10:20]: The pushback of the people around you can be difficult. Kat shares her experience of this and how she processed those experiences.

[11:34]: Kat explains how she shares space with people in her life who haven’t taken the personal development journey like she has.

[12:48]: Boundaries and space are a big topic right now. Kat talks about what she’s recently done in her own life around this.

[14:35]: Kat discusses her relationship with her community and how taking a step back from social media via #sacredsunday has empowered others to take digital detox steps as well.

[18:05]: Owning how you want to live your life relates to digital boundaries. We chat about microhacks people can take to lean into this.

[19:07]: What are the initial steps you can take to lean into your authentic self? Kat gives her top tips and the role awareness plays.

[20:39]: Becoming your authentic self is less about becoming more of your authentic self, but less of the things that we do to alter ourselves - an un-becoming and unraveling.

[20:58]: Asking - why do we do things and if we didn’t have to do those things, how would we show up?

[22:07]: What do you have to do to be yourself? 

[22:38]: Kat shares where to find her, and her community events including her podcast and dance and meditation events.



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