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I can’t wait to introduce you to my exceptional guest today, the bold and vibrant Suz Chadwick. We’re talking about how to build an authentic personal brand and I know you’re going to get so many takeaways from this episode today. 


Suz Chadwick is a Business and Mindset Coach who teaches her clients how to build profitable personal brands. As a coach, author, speaker and podcaster, Suz supports women to go from business confusion to clarity, courage and CEOing at the boss level. 


In this episode, Suz shares how she got started in the industry with a corporate branding agency and made the conscious decision to move into a personal brand. We dive into all things authenticity and what this means for personal brands both online and offline. 


Suz shares some incredible wisdom about staying consistent across the board, not being perfect, sharing non-brand content, and the importance of boldly sharing what you think and believe in order to stand out. We also talk about comparison and Suz shares some sage advice on how to draw inspiration from other people’s work, but stay aware of how comparison can creep in. 


We then speak about how to build a team that understands your brand voice, and why it’s important to define not only who you are but also who you aren’t. Suz shares some super helpful and practical tips on building a personal brand and the 3 things you can do to become really magnetic and memorable.


There are so many golden nuggets in this episode to really help you build an incredible and authentic personal brand. I know you’re going to love it. 

Topics discussed:

[2:00]: Suz started in employer branding then moved into consulting with a brand agency and working with leadership teams around their brands and thought leadership. 

[3:30]: Suz began helping friends map things out for their businesses and started her side hustle while continuing with the corporate branding agency. She then left corporate and has been full time ever since. 

[4:20]: Suz has always been bold and colourful and has used fashion to bring her personality to life. When she came into her own business, she needed it to be colourful in order to be authentic. 

[5:30]: Suz’s business was first called The Connection Exchange in events and made a conscious decision to move into a personal brand, where coaching was the center of her business. Rebecca did the same thing moving from a business brand to a personal brand and fully encompassing her brand with the bold colour pink. 

[7:30]: Brand is the collective experience that someone has when they come in contact with you. The visual brand might be the first thing that captures attention, then all of the touch points after that help them connect in a bigger way. 

[8:10]: It’s important to look at how your branding translates across the board and that what you’re portraying online is authentic to who you are in real life.  

[9:30]: It’s important that you share what you think and believe in a bold way because this is what helps you stand out. This all becomes part of your brand and how people experience you. 

[10:15]: With your personal brand, you can have things that people associate with you such as how Suz always wore Gorman and drank liche martinis. She calls this brand jacking. 

[12:25]: One of Suz’ values is integrity and is all about sharing the good with the bad. This is reflective in her life and business. You need to decide how you want to show up and how you want your community feel with you. 

[14:00]: Being human means that you’re not perfect, so it’s about staying true to yourself and not thinking you need to look the part in order to share your message. 

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[16:30]: Be aware of comparison. Do other people inspire you to step into your own power or make you feel not enough? Protect your mindset because without this, the skills, tactics and strategies won’t help you. 

[17:35]: Suz uses Pinterest for inspiration but then turns it into something else as she makes it her own. She talks about consciously creating.

[19:25]: Suz started engaging a designer who was a client. She loved her content and has built a great working relationship. 

[22:30]: Suz had a copywriter create her brand voice - what she is and what she isn’t. This is really helpful in creating a team that understands your brand voice. 

[24:20]: Where people go wrong:

#1: Not having unique leadership and point of view. How do you own the language that you use and specific thought leadership?

#2: Have a unique look. Is your visual brand unique? 

#3: Lean into whatever you love to do. Think about where you light up and connect with your audience the most. 

[28:30]: Where to connect with Suz and find more about her


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