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I am absolutely pumped to have Jill Stanton on the show today as we dive into the production, marketing, and lifestyle of online course creation. Jill (along with her husband Josh) is one of the biggest players in the coaching and course production world.


In this episode Jill shares the learnings, challenges, highs and lows of working with her husband Josh as they built their company Wealthy Course Creator. Recently, Jill has stepped back from that business to step into her soul play work - Millionaire Girls Club (MGC).


MGC is a coaching and luxury retreat company that connects and empowers women that are in the $1M plus circle to create unforgettable experiences. Jill shares how incredibly intimidated she was initially by her vision for this company. After a history of sister wounds and difficult female relationships, setting up a company that creating spaces for women felt like the most terrifying thing she could think of.


But after a transformational moment with Tony Robbins, Jill came to understand the point of the challenges she had previously faced and emerged with a whole new vision and understanding of what was possible.


This conversation dives deep into so many areas that feel valuable, both for course creation, but also what it’s like to grow, sustain and thrive in business. Jill shares her biggest lessons, how to grow a following and community and how to find the balance, energetically, with live coaching. She also shares her incredible wisdom around how to avoid burnout, the journey she’s taken to navigate her triggers and how setting boundaries and expectations is the most loving thing you can do for your community.


We also talk about the power of understanding that you don’t need to be all things to all people and how isolating playing at the highest level can be.


Jill hosted her first retreat with MGC this year and has a big vision for her company. I can’t wait to see where she takes it.


I know you’ll love this conversation. If you’re new to online course creation, or you’ve been in the arena for a while, this is the episode for you!


Topics discussed:

[00:50]: I’m pumped to welcome Jill Stanton to the course today to talk all about online courses.

[1:28]: Jill us now working on her new luxury retreat company Millionaire Girls Club (MGC) after a long time working with her husband Josh on coaching businesses.

[3:44]: In 2011, Jill dived into an affiliate site with Josh, and branched into multiple businesses. They learnt endless lessons before arriving at a beautiful business model - Wealthy Course Creator.

[5:28]: Jill now has the freedom to be all in to Millionaire Girls Club

[6:40]: Jill navigated a crushing fear of judgement that caused her to play small for so long

[7:23]: Preselling was one of Jill’s biggest lessons ever

[8:49]: Jill and Josh always made sure there was some sort of foundational training that people would start the course on.

[9:20]: Josh and Jill’s dynamic is carefree and fun, so they stacked their programs with live teaching content.

[10:20]: As they grew their programs and courses, Jill shares how she balanced the live teaching.

[11:20]: Setting boundaries and expectations is one of the most loving things you can do for your community.

[14:00]: For a solid ten years, Jill had very strained, aggressive and humiliating relationships with women. This meant her new vision for MGC was incredibly intimidating.

[15:23]: In a mastermind with Tony Robbins, she came to understand her true fear of serving women, which led her to understanding the importance and reason for her sister wounds.

[17:17]: In March 2022 Jill hosted her first ever retreat, which was the easiest, most fulfilling and enjoyable thing she has ever done.

[20:34]: Jill shares what it’s like to be out of Wealthy Course Creator and solely into her own business.

[22:48]: Jill is a believer that anything you’re experiencing is happening to advance your growth and development as a human and entrepreneur.

[24:14]: Jill shares her journey with MGC and her vision going forward.

[26:21]: Not everyone gets the sacrifices. Jill highlights the importance of having the right and most aligned people around you.

[27:50]: What it’s like to do your soul play work.

[28:29]: Jill shares where we can find her, and the kind of growth-minded women she works with.

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