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My guest today is the wise and wonderful Shivani Gupta. Shivani originally studied engineering and worked in the corporate world for a number of years before quitting and starting her own SAM (speaking, authoring and mentoring) business. She has worked in this field now for over twenty years and is a treasure trove of knowledge.


In this episode, we explore the role that mentors have played in Shivani’s career - from her first year at university, through to the various business and spirituality mentors she works with today.


Shivani shares with us how she has found her mentors across the years, and how a mentor doesn’t always have to be a ‘person’ - books, podcasts and other learning avenues can play roles as mentors as well.


We also explore Shivani’s powerful process of goal setting and her technique of focusing on seven areas of passion. Over the years, her goal setting has evolved to play a really important role in her family’s life and we discuss how goals can play a big role personally as well.


Shivani shares a tool that helps ensure she has enough energy for her family at the end of each day, and how sometimes, big hairy audacious goals can take a number of years to achieve.


Whether you have a mentor and would like to get one, this episode is full of tips on how to get on the path to greater mental and business wellness. I think you’re really going to love hearing Shivani’s story.


Topics discussed:

[1:46]: Shivani shares her journey from an electrical and electronic engineer, through to running her own SAM (speaking, authoring and mentoring) business of 20 years.

[1:25]: Shivani talks about her failed business, her learnings from it and the importance of mentors in helping her through this time.

[3:51]: With her mentor’s assistance, Shivani was able to let go of a failing start-up in order to focus on scaling her successful business. 

[5:48]: The shiny bits are the curse of the entrepreneur. You have to be patient regarding when you launch what.

[6:27]: Shivani had her first experience with a mentor when she was in her first year of university who helped her accelerate her career.

[7:48]: Shivani now has a spiritual mentor and a business mentor who she catches up with every month.

[8:39]: Shivani shares how she finds mentors through her networks, based on pain points and problems she needs to solve.

[10:10]: Mentors come in all different forms - they don’t have to just be people or physical, they can also be books or podcasts.

[11:25]: Shivani takes us through her annual planning process and the way she uses a process that focuses on ‘seven areas of passion’.

[12:23]: You can’t excel at everything. Shivani discusses how she priotises and chooses three passion powers per year, to focus her efforts and energy.

[14:38]: Shivani shares her tips on goals - Have work as only one of her passion focuses. Family is always her second, and the third varies between health, learning and wealth.

[16:04]: Shivani talks about big goals and what her personal and work goals have been this year 

[17:48]: Shivani talks about her family’s passion and goal planning session on New Year’s Day each year.

[20:00]: Shivani’s kids have been really empowered to think about big goals through this process. Their engagement with this process has been quite organic.

[21:28]: Her children now have some big, hairy audacious, long-term goals, which Shivani thinks is super cool.

[22:08]: Necker Island (Sir Richard Branson’s island) was on Shivani’s vision board for 12 years, and she has recently been able to realise this goal.

[23:44]: Over 20 years, on average Shivani is able to achieve 80-90% of her goals each year, the rest get carried over.

[24:41]: Have your goals somewhere where you can see them at least once a day. Shivani shares a really valuable tool that helps her gather her energy for her family at the end of each day.

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