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I have been itching to have this conversation with the wonderful Michelle Broadbent - a wing woman, coach, business partner and fierce supporter of women in business. Michelle knows what it is to juggle, balance, fret and wrestle with all of the challenges you might be experiencing in your business and in this episode she shares her wisdom on how to get reinspired back into your business.


We talk about the fact that we all go through periods of overwhelm in our businesses and how easy it is to forget what you are good at and neglect the work that inspires you.


Michelle reminds us that it’s easy to underestimate how much you are doing as a business owner. She helps identify the hacks that will help you move from making decisions from a place of scarcity and panic, back into your zone of genius.


Michelle shares her tips around time tracking so that you can understand exactly what you’re spending your time on. She also underlines the importance of focusing on being the key revenue generator in your business. We talk about how things like procrasti-learning keep us stuck.


Michelle also shares some tips around working circuit breakers into our week and how these can be powerful in refocusing, re-inspiring and revealing opportunities and connections.


This episode is a really inspiring one and I know it’s going to help you move back into that zone of genius that first got your business started.


Topics discussed:

[00:55] Michelle Broadbent is our guest today, who will speak to us about how to get reinspired back into business.

[1:31]: It is common to fall out of love with your business - forgetting what you’re good at or losing your inspiration is something Michelle sees a lot.

[2:52]: It is so easy now to start a business, but it can be hard to maintain the early enthusiasm. When the momentum tapers off it’s easy to start making decisions from a place of scarcity and panic.

[5:01]: The challenges will be there at all stages of business  - they are just different at each stage and we get much better at managing them.

[6:52]: Look at the functions in your business that are essential and who else can do them.

[7:26]: Start monitoring how you spend your time. As a business owner you need to be focused on revenue generating activity.

[8:24]: It’s easy to lose track of where time goes week to week. Michelle suggests a time task tracking exercise and shares some tips on how to refocus.

[10:28]: Understanding how much you’re doing as a business owner is really important.

[11:33]: What can you do to reignite your passion for your business, when you’re in a space of overwhelm? Circuit breakers - identifying then breaking patterns is key. Work that masquerades as work (eg. procasti-learning) is a big one to avoid.

[12:45]: Shifting up your environment is an important circuit breaker. Step away from your laptop and move your body.

[13:32]: Travel and a change in perspective is powerful in breaking out of the everyday and changing the way you think.

[14:11]: The power of going for a walk (and having a dog!) for connections and new opportunities.

[15:27]: We discuss the move into the virtual environment over the last two years and how to  move forward. It’s important to consider what your customers want and to not put all of your eggs in one basket.

[17:37]: People are fatigued from spending so much time online. Don’t forget to consider what your clients want - many are keen for in person catch ups at the moment.

[16:28]: Michelle has so many resources available and she runs through where to find her.

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