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My guest today is The Podcast Matchmaker, Michelle Glogovac. Michelle is the CEO and founder of The MLG Collective, an award-winning public relations agency specializing in the podcast industry. She is an award-winning publicist, podcast host, podcast producer and a former aviation fuel guru. We met on the incredible Nekker Island and I’m so happy to be bringing her to you today.

In this episode, we’re exploring how Michelle has grown her business in public relations through pitching to both podcasts and traditional media. She has helped entrepreneurs, authors, and experts enhance their storytelling skills, grow their businesses, and elevate themselves as thought leaders on over 1,000 podcasts and in various media outlets such as INSIDER, mindbodygreen, HuffPost, Thrive Global, Parade, Cosmopolitan, Associated Press, Hello Giggles and more.

Michelle takes us through how to pitch to different media outlets and podcast hosts, what you need to consider when deciding whether to start a podcast, where to record episodes in your house, and how to eliminate the human moments in each episode (“ummmm”). 

I’m so grateful to have Michelle on the show today to share her expertise and experience. She provides enormous amounts of valuable advice and recommendations for anyone deciding whether to start their own podcast and I encourage all of you to listen in and write down her top tips! 

Topics discussed:

[1:48]: Michelle shares her story beginning working in the aviation industry. She sold jet fuel to celebrities and big corporations for almost 20 years. 

[3:03]: Michelle moved into public relations after she had two children and felt like she wanted to make more impact in the world. She began pitching for a business and life coach and then reached out and brought on more and more podcasts. 

[5:20]: It takes different types of pitches to get her clients in podcasts and traditional media. Michelle explains the differences between the two. 

[8:26]: Michelle recommends listening to an episode or two of the podcast you want to pitch to. 

[10:17]: Michelle’s favourite secret platform is Instagram. Check the hashtags and look up hashtags like #womenwhopodcast or #businesspodcast. 

[11:24]: If you want to start a podcast you need to have the time to do it. It takes a minimum of 4 hours to produce a 30 minute episode with editing, show notes, graphics and transcriptions - every week. Consistency is key in building a podcast. 

[11:54]: You’re building an audience from scratch. If you go on someone else’s podcast, you’re reaching a warm audience and their trust extends to you. 

[12:58]: Your closet is the best place to record your episodes. Choose somewhere the sound can be absorbed. 

[13:43]: Record snippets of yourself, move around and play them back to see what sounds the best. Purchase an external microphone and headphones. 

[15:36]: If you can’t go into your cupboard, cover the space around you with pillows. You can also purchase sound absorbers from Amazon. Do it in the middle of the room and not up against a wall. 

[18:00]: Editors can edit the ‘umm’s’ and ‘ahhh’s’ out of each episode. As you practice and get your messaging down, the umm’s and ahh’s will go away. 

[20:52]: Where to find and connect with Michelle. There are free downloads on her website for how to be great guest, how to pitch yourself and how to be a great interviewer

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