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My guest this week is the leader of leaders, Julie Hyde. Julie is a consultant, executive coach, speaker and author who works with leaders across industries and is absolutely passionate about role modelling the way forward. She advocates for being a leader first before you can lead anyone else.

In our conversation, Julie is sharing how to become an impactful leader. We explore how Julie is able to work across both very large cooperations and small businesses and inspire her clients to level up and lead in a way that will engage with the head and hearts of their people.

Being a leader doesn’t end as soon as you walk out of the office door, the true tests of a leader are through challenges and what you do when nobody is watching. If you’re not consistent with your leadership it is very confusing to those you’re leading and breeds distrust so you must remain true to who you are. 

Julie spent 21 years in the same organisation and found the higher and higher she moved up the ladder, the more she didn’t like working there as her values just didn’t align with those of the organisation. She decided to pursue her passion and have more of an impact by starting her own business and through her vast experience teaches her clients everything from empathy to hard discussions with CEOs. 

Julie shares her top advice for becoming an impactful leader, how to truly understand your values, the difference you want to make and the legacy you want to leave for the future. 

This conversation is full of useful information you can take on board to transform your leadership style, continuously evolve and become the best version of yourself. 


Topics discussed:

[1:22]: Julie is passionate about role modelling the way forward with leaders. She works across small businesses and big corporations. 

[2:22]: Our biggest leadership role is at home. You’re a role model constantly for your children. 

[3:46]: Julie learned early in her career that she was a serial people pleaser. You quickly forget who you are and women often lose connection with their values due to wearing so many different hats. 

[4:58]: If you’re not consistent with your leadership and are different things to different people, it can be very confusing to your team and breeds distrust. 

[6:34]: Julie shares her journey moving from her corporate job to starting her own business. She had spent 21 years in the same organisation and the higher she got, the more she didn’t like what she was seeing. Her values weren’t aligning with the organisation’s anymore and she had to look for what she was passionate about and start her own business. 

[9:48]: The language of corporate and small business can be very different. A one size fits all approach never works in either. There was a learning curve for Julie when she started working for small businesses after her extensive experience in the corporate world. 

[12:45]: It’s very important for leaders to understand the impact piece and build a strong foundation for their leadership. You must understand your values, what you stand for as a leader and how you want to make a difference and leave a legacy. 

[14:00]: Understand how you’re going to fuel yourself to be the best version of yourself. Build up those habits that will support you in your vision. 

[14:56]: Write down 3 behaviours that are going to help you make the impact you desire. Once you’ve reached those, you can evolve and focus on your next 3 behaviours. 

[16:07]: Julie needed to change her leadership brand to be considered for a leadership role. After trying to change, people started noticing that she was very ‘boring’ now. There will be people who won’t come along on the journey with you. 

[19:17]: Julie talks about becoming a better leader in her podcast and in her book. Julie shares where to find and connect with her. 

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