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My guest this week is the remarkable Shivani Gopal. Shivani is a passionate feminist, serial entrepreneur and finance expert on a mission to create more equality in the world. 


In this episode, Shivani is showing us how to embrace fearlessness and let go of perfectionism. 


We begin by exploring Shivani’s childhood development and her journey to finding herself. She left an arranged marriage when she was 24 and faced tremendous adversity from those surrounding her. She knew she had to stand for her own happiness against everyone else’s norms of what happiness actually meant so she followed her own path. 


Her fearlessness in walking away with only the clothes on her back, and having the confidence to know that she would be able to support herself, led her to become a crusader for financial literacy, financial awareness, financial empowerment and spreading knowledge of the signs of financial abuse in relationships. 


Shivani takes us through how to set yourself up financially for success in a relationship by having strong, fun and enjoyable financial conversations together. Discuss with your partner what you envision your lives to be like and then ultimately talk about how you can plan and prepare financially for it together. 


Letting go of perfectionism is an act of confidence and takes a lot of work and knowledge. When we hold on to perfectionism we’re also holding on to our own insecurities. Shivani advises us to develop a foundation of fearlessness and knowledge by seeking feedback from a trusted group of people and you’ll find what truly makes you unique.

You’ll find so much invaluable advice and motivation in our conversation to let go of perfectionism in your life and truly start embracing fearlessness. Shivani is an inspiration to women everywhere and after you listen to our conversation, head over to her website to find out more about The Remarkable Woman’s membership.

Topics discussed:

[1:42]: Shivani has come from a journey of finding herself. Her background is in financial services and moved through an industry that was male dominated. Her overall embrace of fearlessness and crusade for the rights of women and girls is inspirational. 

[3:31]: Shivani’s upbringing pushed her outside of her comfort zone and perform. She learned to keep going even when you fall down. 

[5:35]: Shivani left an arranged marriage when she was 24 and it was a very difficult time for her. She had to stand for her happiness against everyone else’s norms of what happiness is. 

[7:30]: Shivani prioritised gaining her freedom and knew that everything else would be sorted out later. She walked away with the clothes on her back and it’s the reason she is now such a crusader for financial literacy, financial awareness, financial empowerment and awareness of the breadcrumbs in a relationship that leads to financial abuse. 

[9:09]: Whenever you leave a situation like this, you have to know that you are cultured to have more perceived value when you are nice and pleasing to everyone else. So you will feel guilt and need others around to support you. 

[11:00]: Set yourself financially up from the beginning of a relationship (even if it’s a relationship with yourself). Envision your dollars as employees and make them work really hard for you. Have strong financial conversations with your new partner. 

[12:09]: When moving in together, it won’t be equitable for you to pay half and half of everything when your incomes are so different. Consider your savings plans and protect your assets with a financial agreement. 

[14:00]: Make money conversations fun and enjoyable. Talk about what kind of life you want to have together, including holidays, future, success, date nights etc. 

[17:16]: Letting go of perfectionism takes a lot of work, knowledge and confidence. Holding on to perfectionism means holding on to your own insecurities. 

[18:30]: Shivani invests in her own sense of self-awareness. What makes her unique? She does a lot of work around reflection, a sense of fulfilment and self-care. 

[19:56]: Shivani develops a foundation of fearlessness and knowledge by seeking feedback from a trusted group of people. 

[21:57]: Shivani has built a community that connects women to their potential and creates a world where they want to live and succeed. The Remarkable Woman’s membership contains everything Shivani has learned and includes how to change the world practically. 

[24:13]: Where to find and connect with Shivani.

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