Pay Peanuts, Get Monkeys. The truth about creating video.


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If you pay peanuts, you’ll get monkeys.

I have many prospective clients coming to me asking questions surrounding “I’ve had this video produced, can you fix it?”. The quality of the video may be out of focus, the audio is off, the lighting is wrong or the overall video is subpar.

Unfortunately, most often the answer is “No”. We’ll have to begin from scratch.

In this episode, I want to share the truth about creating video and employing a budget video production company. I’ll run you through the systems we use to set clear boundaries, pathways and expectations so you can use them with your production company to ensure a positive outcome.

I’ll also discuss what to do if you don’t have a high budget. Choose to invest the money into education and training for yourself or your team. It’ll be much better spent and you’ll achieve a far better outcome than employing a cheap production company.

Finding the right supplier for you will be the difference between a crappy piece of content and a phenomenal piece of content so take some time to reflect on your budget, goals and outcomes before making any decisions.

Topics discussed:

[3:00]: I often have conversations with clients from a space of ‘I’ve done this, can you fix it?’. Most of the time, the answer is no.
[4:57]: Systems are 110% my friend and 1000% friends for my clients. They set clear boundaries, pathway and expectations.
[5:57]: When you’re planning video content, be very clear on what you want the outcome to be and your budget.
[6:17]: If you don’t have a high budget, invest in training yourself or one of your team members to understand how to create content effectively.
[7:40]: Look up testimonials and find reviews from previous clients. Watch the previous productions of the production company.
[9:11]: Your next step is putting in timeframes. Set the boundaries and expectations.
[10:46]: Everyone has the ability of making content on their phone. If you have a small budget, invest in education and training for your team.
[12:38]: Finding the right supplier for you will be the difference between a crappy piece of content and a phenomenal piece of content.
[13:18]: Check out my 5 step checklist to choosing the right video supplier here.
[15:08]: I’m prepping for the launch of my signature program The Video Accelerator. It’s launching again on the 7th of June and is essential for business owners and content creators to implement amazing videos.

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