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I’m chatting with the inspirational Julie Masters. Julie is the leading authority in the speaking world and has earned a reputation for launching and advising some of the world’s most respected thought leaders. Her amazing clients include industry-leading CEOs, entrepreneurs, speakers and best-selling authors.

Julie co-founded Ode Management, the world’s largest dedicated speaker management agency across the USA and Australia and is the founder and CEO of Influence Nation where she works with business leaders and organisations to stand out in their marketplace by turning their expertise into real influence.

In this episode, Julie is here to discuss how to increase your influence and confidence. She recommends stopping using the word ‘confidence’ entirely and adopting a mindset of certainty.

Julie shares her journey from never wanting to step on a stage to recently doing an event in front of 3,000 people as a global speaker. It all begins by just saying ‘yes’ to opportunities and Julie is here to show you where to start and how you can increase your influence.

There are so many valuable nuggets of information and advice in our conversation today and I know you’ll want to come back to this episode again for inspiration and to remind yourself to focus on version 8 and not versions 1 to 7.

Topics discussed:

[2:48]: Confidence is the result, not the ingredient.
[3:20]: Julie shares her background, Ode Management and how the Influencer Code began.
[6:25]: 10 years ago, Julie would not have gotten in front of others, she was happy being behind the scenes and she has journeyed to doing an event in front of 3,000 people!
[8:30]: People are kept on the sidelines by fear of the question ‘who do you think you are?’.
[10:32]: Julie’s answer has changed over time. She shares how she answers this question at different stages.
[12:43]: Stop believing that confidence shows up when we show up over and over again and start believing that it needs to show up before we do. Replace confidence with a mindset of certainty.
[13:32]: A mindset of certainty is a downward sensation of gravity, of owning the ground you walk on.
[17:22]: Julie advises everyone to start by saying ‘yes’. Set the date on the calendar and commit to it.
[22:18]: If we can move through our comfort zone, there are beautiful things on the other side.
[23:15]: It’s always version 8, don’t spend all of your time worrying about versions 1 to 7. Keep showing up and keep moving.
[25:35]: Where to find Julie.

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