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I’m speaking today with the wonderful Brianna Ansaldo, my very own podcast editor from Bamby Media. 


With 15 years of experience working in the audio industry, Brianna worked exclusively as a songwriter for over a decade and now heads up her own podcast production company, Bamby Media. As a creative team of editors, designers, and writers, Bamby Media works with over 60 clients globally to launch, produce and develop podcasts.


In response to the influx of podcasting questions from clients, Brianna created the Podlovers Community, an online space where creatives can get together and learn more about the world of podcasting. 


I’m excited to dive into Brianna’s eclectic career, where her obsession with audio began and the challenges she faced navigating a whole new space of podcasting after years as a touring musician. 


In this episode, we chat about Brianna’s journey from freelance work during her baby’s nap time to starting Bamby Media, which now has a team of 7 including her husband, Alex. 


Brianna shares some of the weird and wacky places where people are recording their podcasting episodes and how she helps clients troubleshoot to get the best possible audio from their environment. 


For those of you starting your own podcast or thinking about doing so, we dive into Brianna’s top tips to make your show the best it can be. We talk about the benefits of batching content, having the right gear and making sure you have enough content to keep your show going without losing momentum.

Topics discussed:

[1:30]: Brianna’s obsession with audio began when she was in grade 1 and sang Silent Night in a nativity play. Music became the love of her life for years to come as she pursued singing, songwriting, and performing. 

[3:00]: When Brianna had her first baby, she didn’t want to tour anymore but wanted to keep doing something in the audio space. She began freelancing for Tim Ballard’s podcast, an ex CIA agent who busts child sex trafficking criminals. 

[5:00]: The process of navigating into podcasting was interesting. You need to be more intricate with editing a voice on its own and it took her about a year to feel like she was nailing it. 

[7:00]: The beginning of Bamby Media was a natural progression from starting out on Upwork. She was editing during nap time, nights and weekends but couldn’t give it everything because her husband was a Dr and she was busy with everything else. 

[8:25]: Brianna’s husband transitioned to be the head designer at Bamby Media, which enabled huge growth. They now have a team of 7 and 60 clients globally and growing. 

[8:50]: Brianna enjoys editing content that she has no idea about. She doesn’t do as much editing now and plays more of a strategic role. 

[11:00]: The biggest challenge is that people want to have a polished production but don’t necessarily have the gear they need. Brianna sends them a list of what to buy and helps them navigate different spaces for recording, which she loves doing. 

[13:30]: The most interesting audio to navigate was a client recording in her car. Brianna found some good shotgun mic solutions with the right plugins and background sound removal, it turned out really well. 

[15:15]: Brianna started the Podlovers community as an answer to the many podcasting questions she was receiving. She gives simple information for people who are just starting out and also has a course, Let’s Get Launchy, teaching people how to launch and edit a podcast. The Podlovers Plus will be diving deep in monthly masterclasses. 

[17:45]: Brianna’s top tips for people wanting to start a podcast:

#1: Check that you have enough content. Have at least 50 topics you want to talk about. 

[19:30]: #2: Batching episodes is great but make sure you give yourself wiggle room to be able to fit new content in as it comes up.

[21:10]: Where to find Brianna

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Thank you for listening!

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