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My guest today is the amazing Nikki Fogden-Moore. Nikki is known as The Mojo Maker and is an absolute expert in quantum coaching for the world’s best leaders and emerging and established entrepreneurs. She guides high performing men and women in their transformation from overwhelm to sustainable success. 


In this episode, we’re discussing the topic of radical self belief. Nikki wrote the book on this topic (literally). Her 3rd book ‘Radical Self Belief’ is a toolbox that includes a step by step roadmap to stop overwhelm and regain control over the direction in your life. 


We explore her journey writing Radical Self Belief, the checkpoints inside the book that take you from Survival Mode to Sustainable Success, and the necessity to take the time to put your oxygen mask on before others. You can retrain your brain and reprogram every area in your life by following Nikki’s steps. 


Nikki is a wealth of knowledge and is passionate about helping people to get their mojo back. I encourage you to pick up her book today!

Topics discussed:

[2:22]: Nikki shares the journey of writing her 3rd book, ‘Radical Self Belief’. 

[5:05]: Nikki was always interested in why the world was split into 2 types of people - the victims or mopers, and the people who do things with life and find a way. 

[6:34]: Nikki studied neuroscience, neuroplasticity and quantum physics. 

[7:11]: Nikki wrote Radical Self Belief because she felt there is an epidemic of overwhelm. We’re forcing our way through somatic fixing and not looking at the core root. 

[9:35]: We have to look at an integrated approach. There are 7 stages from Survival Mode to Sustainable Success. We can all achieve Sustainable Success. 

[11:08]: Doing our best to survive, cope and be resilient isn’t enough. 

[13:08]: Once you start to create conscious decisions and work on a sense of self belief, the people around you will match your frequency. 

[15:47]: The checkpoints are Survival Mode, Awareness, Accountability, Review and Refine, Celebrate and Reward, Sustainable Success. 

[17:29]: If you want to change you have to be prepared to do the work. Nikki talks about when you know you’re doing it well. 

[21:13]: Quantum physics isn’t linear. If you change one thing, it can reprogram everything else. Retrain your brain so you acknowledge you are the one driving your life. 

[23:37]: If you don’t really want to change, you’ll always find an excuse. So, find your reason why, that supersedes your why not. 

[26:15]: It’s okay to put your oxygen mask on first and take 15 minutes out. 

[27:42]: Radical self belief can’t be given to you by anyone else and you don’t need permission. 

[28:30]: Where to find Nikki. 

[29:11]: Once a month Nikki does a free live webinar around the topics that anchor you in radical self belief. Sign up for Monday Mojos and do the course ‘Radical Self Belief’. 

[33:11]: Labelling is dangerous and judgemental. 

[36:17]: If you have any questions, you can reach out to Nikki on Instagram or through her website.

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