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Hybrid events sound amazing in theory. They give people the benefit of attending either in person or virtually at home - what could be wrong with that? But when it comes down to actually planning and running the event, it becomes exhausting and at times overwhelming. 


A hybrid event takes a much larger amount of planning time, resources and money than either a virtual or in-person event. 


In this solo episode, I’m exploring whether it’s really worth running a hybrid event. I’m personally not a fan of hybrid events at all. I’ll be telling you my reasons why and the actual workload you’re signing up for when you commit to running this type of event.  


In order to paint a picture for you, I’ll run you through how to run a kick-ass completely virtual event and live event and then the complexities of running them simultaneously. I’ll explore 5 key tips for planning a live virtual event so you can start to see the breadth of production work that goes into each event so you can make an informed decision about the use of your resources, time and money. 

If you want to learn more about planning for a live virtual event, check out my 5 part video series here.

Topics discussed:

[2:01]: Hybrid events are starting to return after the pandemic. Hybrid events are where there are people attending a live in-person event and simultaneously others are watching a live stream of the event.  

[4:51]: I have 5 key tips for planning a live virtual event. #1 What is the purpose of the event? #2 Location #3 Production value #4 The importance of planning #5 Running on the day. 

[6:04]: #1 Why are we creating this event? Running a virtual event takes the same amount of time planning as an in-person event (approx 8 weeks). When you run a hybrid event, you need to do that twice. 

[7:51]: #2 Location. Where are we hosting/live streaming the event? Which platform will you use? 

[10:44]: #3 Production value. Think about prerecorded content as filler content or bridging content. 

[12:53]: We want our virtual audience to feel this event is made for them. 

[13:04]: #4 Planning. Make sure everyone has the run sheet so they know when to walk on or off. Tech problems should be planned for. Hold a rehearsal. 

[14:01]: #5 Running on the day. Check out my 5 Part Video series about how to really plan a live virtual event here

[16:14]: Running a hybrid event takes double the amount of resources to do it properly. You can’t cut corners. 

[16:40]: Where hybrid events go wrong: eye contact (in person your eyes move around the room but virtually you look at a camera), audio, tech, missing out on the energy in the room, asking questions, visual, camera frame rates, speakers move. 

[21:30]: How can the virtual audience ask questions? 

[23:26]: Break out rooms and times. 

[24:29]: Utilise a virtual host. 

[25:13]: You have to think about the experience for both sides of the audience. It is exhausting. 

[25:44]: Hybrid events are almost double the cost of either a virtual or in person.

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Check out my 5 Part Video series about how to really plan a live virtual event here.

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